01 Jul 21 - Our new conservatory blinds

Our new conservatory blinds offer additional UV protection to the special glass in the roof panels, welcome shade and temperature comfort. We now can use the conservatory, even in the full mid-day summer sun, without feeling ready roasted! The blinds can be easily retracted for the winter months to allow the light in.

05 Mar 21 - Baby & Child First Aid Training

Our daughter’s First Aid Training company ‘Laurel Bay Training’ is offering a special First Aid course for parents and carers aimed at first aid awareness for babies and children. If you are interested her contact details are: Laura Pope First Aid Instructor & Assessor Laurel Bay Training Tel: 07305 227 387 Email: Office Email:
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Caring, Sharing and Preparing
Parent’s Responses to our Inspections 2020 Inspection… ‘Congratulations! A well deserved result for both you.’ 21- 02-20 ‘Congratulations, that’s fantastic news (although we had no doubt of the outcome). Have a good day.’ 17-02-20 ‘Congratulations that’s brilliant news. So pleased and happy for you both. We were never in any doubt that you’d receive a fantastic report. Yay.’ 15-02-20 ‘This is absolutely fantastic. What a brilliant read and so well deserved by the both of you. We feel so lucky to call you both our childminders. Thank you again xxx’ 15-02-20 ‘Wow this is fantastic news. Congratulations to you both, we had no doubts you would once again receive OUTSTANDING. We are absolutely delighted for you both and incredibly proud ‘……’ is part of your incredible achievement. Enjoy celebrating! ‘ 15-02-20 ‘Massive Huge Congratulations you both deserve. Well done Team Jadela.’ 15-02-20 ‘Although never in doubt, well done! Truly deserved!! We are blessed to have you in our lives.’ 10-02-20 2016 Inspection… ‘Amazing well done to both of you and well deserved!!! Congratulations.’ 11-02-16 ‘Fantastic Ann and Dave. That's great news and we are really pleased for you both. You both deserve it!’ 11-02-16 ‘Really great news ... and I can't say I'm surprised! Congratulations to both you and Ann.’ 11-02-16 ‘Congratulations I have to say I would never have doubted it for a second. You are both outstanding and the well deserved Ofsted recognition for what you both do is testament to this. Well done :-)’ 11-02-16 ‘Congratulations, thoroughly well deserved and no doubt a relief to have it out of the way for another few years!’ 11-02-16 ‘Well deserved congratulations to both of you.‘ 13-02-16
Our Ethos - DEEPPLAY Caring, Sharing, Preparing DIET - What you eat is what you are! EXERCISE - Get up. Get out. Get going. EXPLORATION - For a young child, everything in the universe is new. PROCESS - NOT Product. PLAY - If you have forgotten how to play, you have forgotten how to live. LAUGHTER - If it isn’t fun, it isn’t done. ALL WEATHERS - There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. YES - we Care, we Share and we Prepare
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